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Daniek's map Workshop ( new maps )

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hallow , fresh made map , it's a 50 checkpoints round that's having place near the trailer park .

Entire Area is sealed , nobody gets out

32 players. 1 Player will spawn with Rhino tank :D ( I can remove if it's annoying ) .

Car changes at almost each checkpoint ( Pick up inside checkpoint ).

No explosive barrels. Enough Nitro kits & repair ones.

I liek burritos.

Weather and time modified so it gives a sparkling red effect

Hurry and collect the vegetables before the evil rhino comes and destroys everything !


Where it begins

Lucky guy.

Awaiting Green :rofl: for the map.

Daniek\'s vegetable farm.rar

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haha i had no idea it's up on server allready :D

Im happy to see you enjoy it ^^ Finished another map called With true tittle


Judging by the name you are expected to encounter allot of road holes , rocks , stones garbage on the way to finish the race !

32 players map

all people starting with beach car ( forgot its name ).

at a point changes to Sandking.

49 checkpoints

Enough Repair kits , Nitro ones.

And again allot of holes and bad road.

Each checkpoint has different collor.




Enjoy =] :lol:

Daniek\'s Romanian Roads ( Ouch ).rar

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Use this command: upgrades="0"

Like this:

<spawnpoint id="spawnpoint (Infernus) (1)" vehicle="411" posX="-4.318603515625" posY="2066.8950195313" posZ="17.247859954834" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="23.818359375" upgrades="0" />

If you use it the wheel change too.

Apreciated ^O^ :lol:

Currently working on a map called NFS_CARBON , as you may gues , it's on nfs carbon theme :) first race you do on career , sharp turns in the cannyon /!\ signs ( hit em and your at the bottom ) .

Abandoned NFS_CARBON map for now made more than 80% and mta didn't saved it , and did it twice :/ to many props i gues...

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2 new maps finished !

first one is called Grand_Turismo_prick.

32 players map , action having place at Legs Vegas airport.

Race map , enough repairs , nitro`sz vehicles in use Turismo and at near end , Maverick.

Thanks to BinSlayer for placing the costum vehicle moods .


top view

Second map is called Daniek-City_racerz

contains 32 bla bla bla enouguh bla bla and blabla

its more a drift map , using bullet as vehicle , placed some deco traffic cars filled with explosive barrels ;)

And once more BinSlayer did the cars .



mirror view



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.:SDK:. you ain't getting rest with me around :unsure:

2 new maps , 1st called Daniek_Construction_Fag and the second , Collin_McTA_Desert.

first one has place by a articifial city that's "supposed" to be in construction , 21 checkpoints , car: Mooded Cheetah ( thanks Bin ! ). Second one , its 32 or 34 checkpoint race if i remember correct , vehicles in use Bandito , mooded bandito ( and here comes BinSlayer with the help once again ! ) + a soundtrack .



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