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Damien's Gmod Admin Application


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Gameserver: Mr.Green Zombie Survival Server [yes i know i cant be admin on just one server, but primairly i will be on zs]

Age: 18

Country of origin: The Netherlands in a small city called Uden :D

Link to SteamCommunity profile *: http://steamcommunit...d/Damien56/home

Link to Xfire profile **: http://www.xfire.com.../damienthabest/

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: I have played on the server for many years and have seen a lot of people come and go. I think that i'm well capable of being an admin on the server. I have had a gmod server myself and I am acquinted with some of the commands and I have used ulx. I know everything about the gametype and the maps, because I played them all a lot off times. I know the players well and can get along with them. I wont abuse my powers, because I think its the duty of an admin to oversee and only act when neccesary. I'm mature, unlike some people. Nothing has changed much since the last time i tried to become admin, but i still want to help the server. I think you cant really have to many admins on such a great network. I will only use ravebreaks, if zombies are leaving the server. I'm already helping out newbies as much as i can and even if i don't make admin, i will continue helping them. Thats pretty much everything there you need to know. :D

Edit: I could still kick/ban people on iw, i just wouldnt play it.

p.s: i do play fretta sometimes on mr.green.

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Ive seen damien for 2 years already playing zs. Zs is the only server he joins. I have 2 things in mind:

1) Damien is a great guy! why couldnt he be admin in zs?

2) Not enough Gmod space. He needs to wait till someone will leave like Linkii (meh, I remembered her Oo) or someone else.

Damien doesnt play Iw, as Nuggy doesnt.

Im still not sure that there are Gmod places.

But anyway. Good luck!

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A great, friendly and fair player so, in that respect, perfect admin material.

Good Luck.

As ZS is so popular at the moment I think it does really need more admins. I know Damien plays regularly but I rarely see him playing. Therefore, he must be playing at times I am not so if he was admin too the server would have an even more consistent admin presence.

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One thing i just want to put on an extra sidenote: i could be on irc the whole day, but i would only be really available for like 2 to 3 hours a day. So atm im only 2 to 3 hours on irc due to this. In my opininon its better to be available 2 to 3 hours a day on irc, than being online the whole day and never reading anything that is said. I forgot to say this earlier, but i think it is better to be honest than to lie/deceive.

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One last thing i want to mention. I found three speedhackers in the past 3 weeks and helped admins by giving them the steamid's. The last few weeks there were quite a few hackers, which really disturbs me. :S

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