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I was working on a map when i thought.. what about singleplayers..

and this is what i came up with :D

This map is recommended in singleplayer only.. its a small 1floor house with 3 doors and 3 windows ( you cant fit through windows)

The idea is that you have to survive for 5 minutes. At the beginning of the round you will have 10secounds to prepare before you hear the start horn. You have to survive for 5 minutes ( that is when the light bulb in the middle of the room goes Green and the horn sound will be played again. Zombies will continue to attack but you won.

This is the first minigame i will release and wont be the last.

Difficulty - Challenging

Survive - 5 Minutes

Zombies - Fasties, Normal, Headcrabs


Gold - Dont die a single time

Silver - Died once

Bronze - Died more than once

Mingebag - ...





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