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Your post isn't clear, but I figure you want to add music to a race map in MTA 1.0.

There's a scripting way to do this. Download this archive: music.rar

Unrar it. Add the music.lua to your map ZIP-archive.

Next step: your song should be in an .mp3 format in a folder called "files". Make sure this folder is in the ZIP-archive of the race map just like the LUA is. BTW: your mp3 song HAS to be called "music".

Last step: Open meta.xml with Notepad.

Right after the <meta> tag, add these 2 lines:

<file src="files/music.mp3" />

<script src="music.lua" type="client" />

Save the meta.xml and make sure all files are in the right place.

This should do the trick. Everybody in the server will be forced to download your mp3 file and it will play it automatically for them.

Edit: I forgot non-admins cannot download attachments so here it is:


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