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ZS idea for you guys?

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Hey, I think it would be cool for medics to some how bring humans back once their dead by using a new tool? Make it so they only have 10 seconds because of corpse fading, have the same model as medkit just does differnt hings? Im no expert, but, Im pretty sure theirs a good coder for that. Doesnt Deluvas code some?post-2021-127653213556_thumb.jpg

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maybe a machete and a fire axe! and a menu that you can choose what model you will be for example metro police combine Gman and so and more hats would be nice :D and left4green rocks!

more maps!

heres a list of ideas.flamethrower,granades,crossbow,stunstick,every players gott a inventory so they can get like a first aid pack with 20 healht or suit batery and ammo!. hats. rebel hat,soldier helmet,metro police and combine solder and elite mask,gmans suitcase XD

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