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Banned yesterday night.

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Hey guys, yesterday night i came up on mta, my nickname is SaddamHussein.

On the first race I was on it was starting from CJs hood and going throught an alley. as I was racing, I took a ramp that led me threw a bridge where the checkpoint was and then suddenly I got banned.. with no reason, just a banning message.

A friend of mine (BinLaden) told me threw skype that the banning was for "Cheating" ?? ? ? I was no cheating, i've been on this server for few months already, and I've never cheated on it.. =(

any thoughts on what can be done?! :(

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Banned by the Anti-Cheat.

[HM]SadamHussein - Cheating - running s0beit

As far as I know, the anti cheat doesn't fail when it bans for "running s0beit" so it must have been a legit ban.

I would like to know if the other admins have ever seen a "wrong" ban for the reason above, because as far as I know "airbrake" is the reason for when it sometimes bans randomly.

In case you did cheat. We don't unban hackers :)

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