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Map Idea's gmod.

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So I'm planning to make an awesome map for gmod but I got allot of things on my head these times and I would ask u all for some idea's and advice.

What would u want to see on a map?

If u guys would just post your idea it would be great.

How to post an idea:

Please give an answer to these questions:

- In what scenario should a map be? (Example: Creepy, On a field were the sun shines, In a combine city, in the dessert or on a big spaceship)

- Map size? (Example: Small - Huge) Note: Please give me an idea if u for example said medium how big that is?

- What should be in the map? (Example: Lots of traps, living rooms, towers or a nuke perhaps?

- Do you want it to have a story line? Yes? please tell me more.(Like u walk through the map and u learn more about it in a story way)


Guys thanks in advance!

I'll let u know what idea's I've come up with and please rate them!

I'm looking forward hearing from u guys!


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Ahh a submarine I'm gonna think about that one, nah just jokin with ya Dark and btw I'm not in the map contest. :)

Just doin it for personal experience and to see how to make a good map.

That doesnt have anything to do with map contest actually, De_operation_submarine is just a beta map for my sourcemod. (Sourcemod called "The submarine operation")

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