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Added more decals around the map.

More props.

Moved healthmachine to underground.

Made it so you dont hear the same sound everywhere you go and you hear a sound in different rooms.

Changed the light of the light_environment a bit.

Tweaked the fog slightly.

Fixed 2 props that were floating above ground.

Fixed the dirt that was surrounding the truck that was on fire - It was slightly floating.

Fixed a few walls that were sticking out of the roof.

I think I made the barricades instead of 180 to 260hp unless i did it in v1.

Hope you try it out and ejoy it!

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zs_necrotic_v3 is out!


The idea of this map at first was to make a better version of uglyfort

It is a fort/bunker

This has been upgraded to v3

The V3 Changes:

-Added lots of new detail around the map

-Changed 2 different areas

-Make outside slightly darker

-Made fire do more dmg

-Added fences outside

-Changed a bit the downwards tunnel in the building.

-Added new things.

-Made it rain more.

-Changed the 3d skybox.

-Added a combine shield in one of the new areas that you can toggle on or off and does electric insta-kill dmg.

-A few decal fixes and other fixes.

The Map Features:

-Several Healthvials

-Health Machine

-Zombie spawn underground

-Human spawn entrance

-Several areas to barricade

-Outside area for non-caders

-Checked for any glitches

-Good Atmosphere

-3D Skybox

-Multiple Entrances Everywhere

-And More

The V2 Changes:

-Moved healthcharger to a less camping spot

-Added more props and props for propkillers

-Added graffiti/decals

-Fixed a few lights

-Fixed a few prop_dynamics

-Tweaked the environment light

-Added light and sound to fire

-Made it so the same sound isnt played everywhere

-Different sounds in different areas




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