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Admin Application [Holy]


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Gameserver: Mr.Green's Garry's Mod Servers

Steam Community Profile: http://steamcommunit.../id/TheEvilHoly

Age: 17

Country of origin: Germany

Little something about your self:

Hey guys,

It's time again for me too apply here.

As you may know of my previous application my real name is Lukas

I live in a village located in the NorthWest of Germany and you can't do anything there.

My older brother(20) is the One that brought me to Garry's Mod and the Greens. I also got an younger sister and she annoy us a lot.

I finished school this year and will go to the college in winter, but that doesn't mean I won't be on.(The College is 20km away from my house)

Since my last application I got more active on IRC and I always turn it on startup now, so feel free to contact me through IRC. But an easier way is Steam since I play Steam Games most of the time.

Usually I'm a friendly, happy and helpfull player. I like to enjoy Mr Green Servers and know almost everything about them.

But I often notice guys ruining the Fun for others by not teamplaying or by playing how the game isn't thought to.

And on some times of the day no admins are online specially mornings where I often met Hackers,Idiots and Spammers.

My favorite game genre is Co-op Shooter because i like to teamup with others. But the most time I spend on Garry's Mod and Mr Green Servers. Yes you read right, I play on both now, not only on ZS.

In the last time I've started with Lua and mapping for Hl2/Garry's Mod. My brother also wants me to join him creating a Game using Unity3D.

Why you think you're fit to be admin:

I collected much ZS experince in the last 3 years.

I've played about 900 hours on this gamemode and like 600 hours on the Mr. Green Server.(100% Achievments, 100% Shop Items bought and some Top5 Ranks)

I like to help guys that are new to Garry's Mod, Zombie Survival and Infected Wars.

The fact that I was Admin on 3 other Gmod Servers shows of that I got experince with that position.

On Green Servers I'm almost every day, I'm well known and respected at the most.

I got great connections to other active players and the admin crew.

And i like to chat with them too.

That's it I hope you had Fun at reading,

See you on the servers!

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Off topic: Ok, I know I smell :D

Holy! A very nice and kind player. I think you're fit for admin, but there's too much competition in the Garry's mod servers. Too many awesome guys: 8 people have applied! I wish you good luck, but try to be active some more in the IW servers :)

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The thing about IW is I often see 30 players on ZS and 5 on IW so I usually decide to play ZS. :P

5 people could be sucpisious for farming, but I dont say there is too much farming nowadays, but an admin must check a server with not a lot of people in my opinion.

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As first thank you guys for answering here.

The thing about IW is I often see 30 players on ZS and 5 on IW so I usually decide to play ZS. :P

Yea I know, if ZS would be gone the IW server would be over-flowed with noods :o

I've seen it happen and the server started to lag like hell.

I'm glad most of the people are on ZS.

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