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Megamappack: 1226 maps for you pleasure

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These are all the maps i have collected over the past 3 years minus the maps that made it onto the SKC racing server.

It certainly aren't all good maps but there's definitely a lot of good stuff in the pack if you take your time to go through it.

Keep in mind that these are just the .map files so you still have to convert them. ;)

EDIT: oops, there's still some doubles in there, gonna have to sort that out 1st.

EDIT2: ok, the new pack "only" contains 887 maps. I'll post the link in a bit. Plz dont use the maps from the 1st link that i gave since that one still contained some SKC maps.

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Don't bother sorting, you've done enough already :)

Thanks, I'm looking forward to playing them

It's no so much sorting but taking out the SKC maps so mr.green doesnt become SKC 2.0 :lol:

Ill post the link later tonight or tomorrow. Uploading takes a while.

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887 maps that's a lot :)

I'm guessing the only way we can test them is "on the fly".. We can just play them in the race server and the admins will keep lists of maps that need to be removed as they play them.

Some maps will actually be overwritten coz they're default.

In case who uploads them doesn't have the conversion tool, it's here:


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