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Complaint about BinSlayer & retard

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So I was playing on the MTA server for a while. We (the players) came across a map, where 2 players were constantly blocking everyone on purpose. There were 2 administrators playing at the time. While me and CurbShifter were complaining, these 2 were at some area on the map playing around with each other, completely ignoring us. Then all of a sudden, BinSlayer tells me to suck his dick, and CurbShifter to get on his balls. This is very unprofessional and disappointing. Mr.Green is the only server I enjoy playing on, and to see the admins do nothing and to retaliate with those orders is quite sad. What's worse is that retard kicked me for no apparent reason.

I either want an apology, or for these admins to fix themselves.

UPDATE: He just said "fuck u" to me for no apparent reason. This dude/chick/kid has some serious issues. Just because we both live across the world from each other doesn't mean he should be talking to strangers this way. He does it to a lot of people, too.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has complaints against BinSlayer.

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