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Les règles du jeu.

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The /rules command in Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas delivers something like this:

1: Don't spam, swear, exploit and/or be a retard

2: Our main languages are English and Dutch.

3: Admins are always right, even if they aren't blabla type /admins.

Something like that.

As BinSlayer showed me yesterday it says for example nothing about blocking, unless it is under 'being a retard'.

I always kick when people are standing somewhere middle of the road waiting until other players want to pass them, then they block them on purpose. This happens nearly always on maps that have more laps, like 8-Track maps. They ruin other's gameplay, that's all they do, and after I kicked them once they usually stop.

The good thing is no single soul reads /rules anyway but if they do they will notice that it doesn't clearly say that that isn't allowed. I know it's allowed to do PIT manouvres, and maybe even braking a bit when someone is driving right behind you. Also when you are on fire it is allowed to be like PLO and try to kill another one as well when you blow up, I think.

By the way, in fact Retard was right after all since he mutes/kicks for swearing and doesn't do anything for blockers. If you read the current rules, it shows that actually he was following them more or less, but anyway, I think now maybe the rules should be made clearer.

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actually, we were playing a 8-track map with a narrow road when that incident happend. ahah i hate when people hait to others to pass to then block them. but normally i only blew the blockers. :')

i hate when people do the PIT to me :'s

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the rules make perfect sense if you use your Brain..

"Don't be retarded" explains everything.. Play nice, and you will not run into mad admins

But still, it's not clear what is retarded and what not. Because people have different opinions on that.

thats why we have the rule "admins are always right" :P

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