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Banned :(


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Hi all, mi name is WeskeR, I was playing in Mr. Green server MTA race.

I'm banned, i dont know why ? I dont have cheats, I play without cheats and the console ban me :huh:

Please believe me... I am telling the truth

Please, this server is great, I dont use cheats. Please unban me, i only want play in this server

Greetings, sorry for my bad english. I speak spanish :)

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Well.. You should be able to play now..

Try to do what you said. Close all programs that require internet besides MTA.

If changing ISP for a better one is really an option for you then go for it, it may help. But one thing is never gonna change and that is the distance between you and the server. I don't think you're gonna want to move just for a game xD

So for now, have fun. Hope you don't get banned again ^_^

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