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An hacker and some wrong bans


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Okay, today at 2:00 am there was an hacker called "mas3dou" or someshit. I called and there wasnt any admin or Head-Admin at the moment. so i logged in at IRC and i remembered that i, dunno why, had still my powers there. so I used them to ban Mas3dou for speedhacking. there were eyewitnesses like TicToc, Curb and Tainted.

Before that guy comes here and complain about it, just wanted to let u guys know what i banned him cuz i had no choice

i do not inteend to use the powers again.


After that, around 3:00 am, Player2, Ery, ILoveMyPanda, Seeeeyooouuu and grisALEXANDER were banned by Console, reason (seeeeyooouuuu - AirBreaking), so i guess the others were wrongly banned. someone take care of that please

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