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I agree entirely with (O_O) while playing today both Pinasol and PabloSVK purposely on evey map drove to a choke point and blocked.

This activity completely ruins the game. And since there are no admins online, they think its exceptionally funny. People who ruin the game for every other person need to be banned.

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I've personally looked over PaloSVK's actions (both as an admin and as a an undercover one) and he doesn't block at all.

Maybe he blocks in situations like clusterfuck maps or something like that but he clearly doesn't do it purposely.

About Pinasol, he's now banned. He was banned as "GnIDa" by other admin (IP BAN), but he has a dynamic ip and managed to come back. He started blocking and being a retard even though I warned him I would re-ban if he does anything stupid (as he was not supposed to be playing anyway, since the first ip ban). He has a nice serial ban now so he shouldn't be back :)

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