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Race Map request

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We're busy insulting.

Is desired.

Bugatti Veyron in a car,

Up to 407KM / h I get,

Why not make this MOD I use the race course.

Bugatti Veyron



Maxim Torque: 127kgm / 1250 Nm

Differential drive: 4WD

0-100km / h: 2.5sec

Highest speed: 407km / h



handling (and possibly play around for reference)

4500 1888 1.4 0 -0.2 -0.24 70 0.85 0.8 0.48 407 7 36.4538 4 10 P 11.1 0.52 3 30 1 0.1 10 0.29 -0.16 0.6 0 0.2 0.56 40002004 1285384 C00000 0 1 2

Course details are written on the attached image.


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Beginner! You cant use this kind of handling. Handling is not scriptable yet. If you change your handling.cfg file you will be banned. ;) btw this Veyron is ugly. There is no quality Bugatti Veyron yet I think.

Considering the size of MOD data are chosen with the smallest size.

Veyron-GTA Inside


I handling.cfg, MTA or the server side I can not afford?

[DKR] 24 / 7 SpecialVehicle or in the rocket,

In other server is to choose a car SpecialCar Temashita performance as modified.

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Aha Csena that video inspired me for a map , but since I don't have the knowledge to use scrips , here are some ideas if you would like to make it true , straight long race eventually some bumps , with HotRod vehicles :D + that handling would be awesome.

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