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Have you updated GarryWare ? Last version you hosted when I joined it was 8 months old.

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Hi to the overall Mr.Green community ::

I'm the original author of GarryWare, and I'm posting there because there was an issue with your server when I joined it two months ago ::

There is currently an issue I'm struggling with Fretta servers : often the community that plays on those Fretta servers can potentially play an obselete version of these gamemodes, considering the admins don't often update their servers.

As for GarryWare, I've been monitoring that using map versions...

- The newest version shows this graph :


Those are the servers that are either up-to-date or 4 months out-of-date.

- These are the servers that host an outright version of GarryWare :


These are potentially 7 months out-of-date, considering wa_prisma_b1 was an uncompiled map (leaving its room to _b2 one month later), suggesting that some servers admins compiled it back and then hosted it without updating.

- These are the servers that may be one year or more out-of-date :


Last time I jumped in your Green Fretta server (I guess 2 or 3 months ago), your community was apparently enjoying a 8-months old version of GarryWare. That means your community was playing a version of the game stripped off many new features, and potentially stripped off from 25 or more new minigames, and current minigames with tweaked and modified gameplay, plus bug fixes, new look, enhancements, server load and client lag optimization, etc.

I'm sorry I need to directly contact the community, but a huge community like yours may be potentially served with out of date material which is quite sad.

FYI, the SVN version is here, and there is even an installation notice for special content.


I'm about to add more minigames these months to renew the diversity of the minigames (Actually the minigame base has always been growing).

These weeks, the gamemode is getting updated every about three days.

I don't know if this issue was resolved after I jumped in, but let me show you a demo of how the game looks like, and what minigames you may have been missing.

Note that the video being lasting an entire round, does not even cover the total scope of minigames because some are skipped due to the time limit because there are more minigames lasting for a fullfilled server than the time limit.

If you can notice differences with what you may be used to be playing on your Fretta server.

Wishing the community fun and good continuation for the admins,


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