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Zombie Survival sugestions

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so here are some class update sugestions and zombie levels sugestions


Mix engineer and support together so give the engi the hammer and take the turret and cades off. make is the hammer and mines to get to lvl 4 and then al lvl make th hammer repair props by like 1-5% total prop health and have like repair 10000 repaired damage to lvl. also get the pulse rifle chance at like 10% at lvl 4

return zerks to their previous strength (ill say why in a bit)

Medics there are fine i think if you can get the heath vial thing to work.

commandos are fine i think


Normal do like 8000 damage to humans and get 50 propkills to level, get increased damage by like 10% for lvl 1. at lvl 4 get teh ability to pick up props to aimt prokills better.

Fast do a total 4000 damage to humans and get 1000 succesful jump hits. at lvl get longer jump distance.at lvl 4 get a critical chance so get like 5% chance to do 5 extra damage to a human.

Poison basicaly the same as normal but get like a 5% speed increase at lvl etc. at lvl 4 get a poison damage that does 3 damage per second for 2 seconds if killed withing a meter of a human.

Etheral Spend X ammout of time near humans without being hit. do X ammout of damage to humans without being hit. get a small dammage increase per lvl. at lvl 4 dont show up on crosshair

Howler do X ammount of damage to zerks. make X ammount of screen shake. level ups increase damage to zerks. at lvl 4 get a flash sort af ability that makes the victims screen go white for like 1 or 2 seconds.

Headcrab hit X ammount of humans in the head and do X ammount of damage to level. leveling gets longer jumps. at level 4 hets hump ability so can latch onto a humans head and do 5-10 extra damge.

Poison headcrab Poison X ammount of humans and do X ammount of damage with poison. at lvl 4 there is no dela between pessing jump and actualy jumping.

Zombine sprint X distance with a cooking grenade and do X ammount of grenade damage to lvl. get the ability to throw grenade a small distance or do extra prop damage with grenade at lvl 4.

tell me what you think or if i missed something out. thanks.

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