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Starcraft 2 : Wings Of Liberty Discussion


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Please Feel Free To Discuss Stuff About Starcraft 2, pro's con's, what you like about it, what you think there should be etc

I give the game a 9/10, i have been waiting so long for this game and I think its totally worth the wait :D

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I played starcraft 1 on lan with my brother few times, seemed like one of those games that are fun when you know what to do (and I didn't so I got bored to my brother kicking my ass pretty fast).

I hope the space marines still say: "You wanna piece o' me boeh?"

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I have to say that this game is pritty dame great.

I just finished the story about an hour ago and I must say its a wonderfull good thought story (no wonder, its Blizzard) but anyway, you have much options to choose at. you want a bunker upgraded or instead of ur bunker maby the Main Base Turrets? it all hangs on you. also, you can not play every mission in the game within 1 storyline. at somepoints u have to choose to for example choose ur co-worker or someone from the outside what will depend on what kinda mission you get after the choise.

The credits system is good, the way you do missions, get rewards (credits, research) and finnaly upgrade ur squad.

Also, its much more likely you go after a bonus objective becouse the rewards of the bonus objectives (mostly research) are pritty damn good.

I Liked the game and for anyone who Haven't played 1 or 2 yet. i suggest you take a look at it, you might discover a good, high graphical RTS game.

P.S if you dont like the story but more like the mapmaking? you can have endless fun with the included Mapmaking tool.

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