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Just finished my new map. It's not the one I was talking about in my other topic, this is just some experimenting with the loop generator and new map editor. First time I used this suckish map editor.

Took a long time, and my PC had a hard time during the making of this map, cuz I had like 1000 objects that all moved when I picked up just one. 20fps the whole time :yeah:

Epic Cookie v2.rar

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Crap, I was like "WOW OMG THE NEW COOKIE MAP IS HERE W000000000000000T", but no, it's just that guy saying "thank you" and doing some impressive Kung Fu in the process.

Ontopic: Cookie you should post your map on 19th of August, so it's exactly a year after your first one. However, I rather want to have you map earlier! :Y

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