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arguments of education.....

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Hello everyone,

I decided to write after several verbal attacks occurred very often in your server in the game "Pirates Vikings and Knights" between players .... verbal homophobic, racist and political attacks, I invite you to take action because while someone is playing really bad that something that should unite as the game can become a riot of insults .... in our time we can not afford that people of high ineducable make explode "bombs" of this magnitude ... because in an advanced civilization like ours, this can not and should not be allowed .... especially about raised ridiculous arguments.

I hope you take action,

waiting for your affirmative reply


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My best janoi33.

It has come to attention that there are some very foul-mouthed individuals on the PVK II Server.

Because we are living in a highly educated civilization the admins on this server cannot afford to ban or kick people based on a post.

We need some good evidence to support your claims.

tl;dr : We need pictures / video proof of these people + some names would help.

(just trying to help here people :V)

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Hundreds you're right ..... I did not think to do the screenshots also because whatever the screenshot contains very little evidence to ban someone, you often need the presence of an admin that monitors the situation..... I just wanted to warn that too many times I Having regard to misconduct, that's all :-)

greetings, thanks for quick reply:-D

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