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Random Ghostmode

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It appears as though a few players start races in ghostmode and stay in it throughout the race. BinSlayer and I discussed this yesterday and I told him I would keep an eye on it. The first incident involved players HardGay and =VD=. Last evening it was happening to XIII.Oh_noes. This started happening when the newest resource that adds ghostmode at start until a player pushes a button. It is odd that it targets a very small number of players, so it must involve mta version number or something very similar. I think it only fair to remove this resource until that bug can be ironed out.

If they player /recconnects and the beginning of each map, it goes away, but the very next race it is back again.

I'm stumped lol.

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We know what triggers this. (i could tell you in PM if you want to know) But there is no possible fix yet :/

The only fix for now is that no matter if you accelerate or not @ start , after a few seconds (10-15) gm gets turned off automatically..So this will fix those players too, even if they still get a few more seconds of gm

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