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Map : Brands Hatch, Longfield, Kent, UK (indy circuit)

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My first map. Thought i'd make my favorite circuit from the UK. A famous track, used for F1 (used to be), British Touring Cars, WTCC, DTM and many more. A simple high speed track, I've not included the longer 'Gran Prix' part of the track as the Indy circuit makes for quicker, speedier laps, ideal for MTA gameplay. I've been to the track a fair few times, and I've memorised the layout & landscape over the years. I'm a sucker for accuracy, detail and easter eggs, and the mapping reflects it. It's a great track IRL, and should make for some civilised, but otherwise speedy, competitive racing.

Not sure if to keep it to one car for the whole map, or have a new car spawn each lap (ala whestone falls). Might look for a Touring Car mod and make it a downloadable mod (Like the WRC maps). Dont know how to do that yet, gotta finish the track.

Info and Pics (RL and my map)





My pics:Well I thought i'd make a drive through vid actually. But the vid turned out funky! So it's more of a sneak peak preview! least you can kinda see it and the layout of the map.


No idea what happened lol.

Should be done soon!

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