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2 maps i made

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Taint3d Hoe down beta 2.zip does not have a .map file

Taint3d twists.zip has bugged spawnpoints, it's way TOO short and only has 1 checkpoint?!


Taint3d Hoe down.zip

thats the way twists is sposta be.  and i know its bugged, and every time i try to do anything with that map it locks up on me and i gota restart the game... thats why i was wondering if i could get some help with the fix on that?    You can do whatever u want to add on to it if you like.  but i thought just a 1 cp. see who gets there first would be fun!

and taint3d hoe down i think this is the right one...  i had like 8 diff hoe downs.   they were all the same but cp's kept disappearing..   all kinds of wacky stuff... dont know why the editor is all scrwed up, might be cause of windows 7 64?

Try em out fix em. edit add delete whatever idc.   lol   sorry just dont have the time right at the moment to do anything with these, and tic keeps askin me to put them on..    but im sure ull love hoedown!

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