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Firehawk's Maps for Css

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hi, all

so hey i am firehawk and i would like to share some maps with you guys. there has been some complains about the mr-green/fun server;

they want fun maps in it. so since i played in mr-green there where many fun maps. and then i mean really fun maps where you can have fun// anyway

there whas one map i really liked sometimes it whas: Fy_iceworld_real WHY?

because you can get weapons and kill people :D sometime i like to play maps where you can kill... ;)

i love to make maps for css so yes i am really much busy for making maps with hammer editor in source sdk.

so finally here is my map i made:


uploaded it on fpsbanana.com

NOTE: because it's an christmas map. :unsure::unsure: i've put a readme file in it... so yeah READ IT!

that whas it

later, firhawk

( more maps will uploaded in here) ( there is a secret hidden button in the map ( readme file!! ))

one thing i forget to put in readme file: the sound (wen pressed the button ) is just a random chhristmas song i choosed maybe you will not like it so dont press it.. and in case of spamming ( you cant mute the sound XD ) i can delete the sound and/or just change the sound in other.. ( updates will follow ( readme file! )

it's really more fun if you play in maps without bots and play with people that has got a mic :D ( headset, microphone)

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