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Ban... Glitching over and hour...


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# 3959 "AiR.KniFe" STEAM_0:1:33781487 2:22:15 122 0 active

We were playing zpo_tanker...when this guy used glitch and we had to wait over 40mins that he would surender... he had no ammo or weapons... he was just standing there and pissing everyone off... those who were there i ask you to confirm this :)

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Yeah, I can confirm this.

He kept going going on the edge of the ship(Im sure everyone knows the glitch) And even though we told him not too he woulndt stop. Every time someone asked him to stop it or why he did he just answered with this childish remark "you" and "lol i need frag get over here".

As Terof said his name his AiR.KniFe and hes a bad experience to new players on the server.

He also spawnkills alot, if thats a rule i don´t know but i jsut wanted to inform you aswell.

Thanks alot, Deluvas (:

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