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Oh_noes's map thread

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Another map, a 4 minute bicycle jumping map with a plane section at the end. :)

EDIT: fixed version attatched

Oh_noes, currently this map is being played on the server and everyone on the server is frustrated...

please stop making bicycle maps as you are the only person who can finish them

also, you should consider deleting this map

regards, JakeSVK

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Thanks for the advice bin :)

I've made a map pack that has the fixed versions of my five Oh_noes maps.

On Oh_noes I, I've fixed the RC heli checkpoints, and made the hydra checkpoints waay bigger.

On Oh_noes IV, I made the checkpoints bigger. :P

Oh Oh_noes II, III and V, I've added a vehicle mod to replace the infernus, I've also made the checkpoints size 5, and on Oh_noes V I took away the whole boat section at the end, ending it just after the vortex.

About the music, I've changed the music for Oh_noes III because it was waaay too compressed and it sounded like it was playing underwater. I like the music in my maps though, it makes the maps unique.

My next map won't have a metal song though, let's say that much. ;)

Oh_noes map pack.zip

Edited by Oh_noes!!
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dont use map editor custom sky when you make maps because they are bugged as hell

most of the time, late joiners and people who die during the race they see a purple screen and that's about it

on the map side..

why use a shit bike for 6 minutes of gameplay? you know nobody likes tapping so much

the hunterbot is to be used in tight corners and slow speeds, it cannot keep up with you if you're speeding on a highway

the music is meh (xD)

if you want a specific color for the sky use this client side script

addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),
setSkyGradient(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

Head over to http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetSkyGradient

Check out the color numbers

If you use 0,0,0,0,0,0 it means you're gonna have a totally black sky but clouds will still be visible

Edited by BinSlayer
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Thanks for the advice, I've got an updated version of the map already. :P

I've put a switch to the Infernus right near the start at the airport and set nitro's all round the map. I've made the weather one of the preset ones, and I edited the hunter script slightly so it's faster on the freeways. It is slightly erratic now in tight spots, but that's not what this map's about. :P

I've also made another new map; Oh_noes VI. It's a slightly unique one, you'll probably like it. :P


Oh_noes VI.zip

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