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new map

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I fixed the music in the map.

But the map says: at least" 1 checkpoint required to start it"

so maybe add some freaking checkpoints? ^^ lol

oh and next time read this to add music: http://forums.left4g...vehicle-in-mta/

the fixed music map has been uploaded here, so get this when you're fixing it


wtf there are 40 cp's!   I tryed to test it but when i ran thru it it wouldnt detect the cp's i made.   what am i doing wrong here... Is there soemthign i need to do to finish it?   Ever since 1.1 i havnt been able to build a map that works, it just messes up...   the first cp is by the tunnel were u can jump off the cliff onto the san feiras airport...  just look in the tunnel and  ull see everything is 100% ready to go all cps in place all 32 cars in place...

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What you have are markers, not checkpoints.. Markers LOOK like checkpoints but they are not defined in 'race' to be what we call checkpoints, so the map cannot start/be played with markers. I'm sure it's because of 1.1. As far as I know , 1.1 is not backwards compatible with 1.0.x so that's got to be why it won't work for the rest of us..

Do the following:

1) install MTA 1.0.4

2) DELETE all lines in the .map file that are about <markers>

3) Load the map in the 1.0.4 editor and add checkpoints normally

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