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These are my first 3 MTA race maps


A map around the Grovestreet area with 38 Checkpoints.

II much fun II do:

A race from the Industrial part in LV to one f the car parks (60 Checkpoints and anebald gost mode)


A race at the docks of SF where you have to find the way sometimes on your own (but it schouldn't be to difficult to find the way)

And now with maps and pics :) (I put the maps in a rar. file and those 3 rar. files into a zip. file I hope this is ok)

MTA maps by lolmam.zip









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You need to find a way to split the players before the 5th Checkpoint because when ghostmode goes off everyone is fucked

Also, the checkpoints' size needs to be hell lot bigger

Keep it mind at all times while making maps that we are a 40-players server.. We need space in race maps for when we don't have ghostmode

If you like, you can fix the maps and re-upload them but for now they can't stay, sorry.

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-Fix the spawn area.. We cannot see where we are going and if we fall it's very hard to get back up

-The map is too speedy and too easy to fall off and drown in the water , sometimes endless respawn loops in the same place are created and we keep dieing in the same place.

-Use a value lower than 1.4 in the booster script

-Put LESS checkpoints, because every checkpoint = boost, that means too much boost 1 by 1 => server could think you're warping (cheating) and it could ban players. I know you wanted to make huge speed but it's not really possible without consequences..

Fix these and then I'll have another look at it to see if it's right :)

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