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Need a little help pls


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Hi all

I found many maps from other games, I saw in Mr.green new objects ( like streets ) not in GTA single, and there was a map in mr.green contains 115 CP's and its like Mario lol

anyway, I want to add the new objects to MTA and using them for race, can anyone tell me please? xD

I took a map file from my installed game, and I want to add it to MTA:SA, to use them for race, that what I meant.

Can anyone tell me how to add them ? :S

thanks :S



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I know what do you want. I have no that map on my resource folder, but i have the rainbow road. If you want use objects from that map, you have to use scripting.

map-rainbowroad/rainbowroad.lua: this file contains the script what replace original objects.

map-rainbowroad/img/: in this folder you can find all "new" objects.

But you have to make a meta file in this folder and some other thing. It is not too easy. btw if the map is not free, then this stealing. ;)

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