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I Miss The Joy of Barricading

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Well , The reason i havent been on the server much is probally because well ... i miss barricading . using the E key to make perfect barricades , using the aegis to put wood on the wall . Those were good times , When are you gonna let us barricade again? :/

Barricading is Fun . Very Fun

You can still barricade perfectly well now (also it originally was like that too), it's just a bit trickier at first ;)

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Aegis Cade Kit>All.

The radiator/trashbin maker was meh.

Nails are ok but sometimes very frustratring (people use nails only on small items so zombies can't propkill using them).

Maybe it needs a small fix so certain props can't be nailed?

just reduce the amount of nails you get from crates to +1(instead of a full refill and then remove the nail cap or increase it)

so then you have to be selective at what props you nail or just save up nails

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