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Good map. Please fix the 5th Checkpoint

as you probably know, we have ghostmode until the 5th one..

But when the ghostmode does get turned off, major crashes often happen if the checkpoints aren't properly set up

I'd like all checkpoints to have size 8 (all except the last one of course)

Also, try to make the players take some curves BEFORE the 5th CP so they get a bit split

I'll upload it after you've fixed these

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12 mb download?

and how is this a fix? MTA crashes when I start this map..

and how could you possibly have fixed the fail crashes @ 5th cp? It takes more than "5 sec".. You have to make it so players get split up so 30 players dont get the 5th CP at the same time

and make your future maps .zip and inside the zip the meta and the lua and/or script (no extra folder)

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