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Been a while and now its time to get back into business.

This map was supposed to originally start off as zs_dump_v2 but the theme was going another way.

Its a 3/4 floor fortress thats half constructed so there will be floodlights and other building stuff on it. Its in the middle of idk where yet I just put a toxic ground for now.

So far I did a bit of the basic structure and put a quick light_environment with one of the hl2 skyboxes but its just temporary until a later stage where I will find a fitting skybox and atmosphere.

The roof will have some more work since I was concentrating on the inside appearence. I will alot of stuff on the outside so it dosnt look plain including more windows/props/decals/doors etc.

Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions as I make progress on this map.






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In my opinion it doesnt really matter if its blocky or not, you dont even notice it when you play. Hopefully your other maps will get a place on the server and this one later. :D

It doos matter and really much. IMagine playing on a map like gm flatgrass and a lot of tires? That aint fun. THe more detail has the,map the more fun it is.

And also. If you didnt manage before, his maps were already added.

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