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Post your constructions! (Yes again one of these)


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Simply post your constructions (homes, towers, redstone circuits etc.) They can be from Multiplayer or Singeplayer.

I'll start (again)

Sry no video, because my fraps were broken

My first redstone working lock.

Try to solve it!

Here's save file:


How to install (if you dont happen to know)

1. Write %appdata% in search (windows button at left bottom -> write in search bar)

2. Go to .minecraft folder -> saves

3. Extract World4.rar there (be aware, if you have already world4 there!!!)

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i should show you guys the endless mine maze labyrinth uber coal harvesting underground bunker that uses all the maps underground cave system :D

Edit: I see pannenecoak whateva cant pronounce or spell has a more modern base bunker whatever than me and hundred :o


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hundred has a fraeking waterfall, INSIDE his fort. o.0

Yeah, im that bad ass.

yeah but I have an abandoned mineshaft infested with creeperes that multiply like bunnies just a few blocks under the old Pufu fort :V Oh did I mention the ocean flooded it after?

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My First construction:


Living room with Waterfall window:


Bedroom with 2 paintings:


Hot tub B):


Bridge over my small lake:


Entrance to my dungeon:


And the Mob trap i made (according to Youtube tutorail):


Last and the Least (<< no bad english) the garden <_< :


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