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you want ghostmode for ever  

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  1. 1. you want ghostmode for ever in mr.green serve?

  2. 2. why?

    • problems with another players
    • only for no crash

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I would do anything for ghostmode. I know I will never achieve it though. It is why I never race seriously. It's why I never try to be the fastest in the map. Well, I do try sometimes. And then, especially in lap maps, when I have a good advantage, someone crashes in me, or I can't go anywhere because there's cars everywhere. That's so frustrating.

The only time I win regularly is at night/early morning, because then there aren't many (good) players. At that time, I can finally concentrate on driving and winning, then I can finally take my time to finish every map, instead of just seeing the first half of it because I don't have space to go any further.

I understand a bit that it may get boring with GM, but I don't get the arguments you use about realism. I don't see the fun in getting fucked up and losing your top position. It's a game, not real life.

I am not talking about all maps here. In lots of maps it would indeed be more boring with ghostmode. Sometimes it's just part of the map to avoid people. I don't complain in open maps where you have much space about not having GM. It's more in those small-space maps where it's really annoying.

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I understand what people are trying to say when they say the game would be boring with ghostmode permanently enabled. I think it should be enabled on more maps tho, some maps are really ridiclious without GM and some maps are boring with GM. I think taking the GM thing to the 10th checkpoint instead of the 5th would also make it a lot better than now, just don't enable it completely.

First post yo :P

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IMO, ghostmode on isnt as realistic, it gives you too much of a safety blanke when playing.

lol, MTA is realistic.

My opinion: If you add ghost mode, you might as well make every other player completely invisible and have a guy in your side-seat who says stuff like




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With GM on it will just be a top-time hunt and nothing else. That'd be boring as hell.

This is why Mr. Green's server is so much fun - it actually allows you to defend your position in the race and do dirty overtakes. Just like a real racing game!

NO as in no fucking way.

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