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Emanuel's Admin Application


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Server: MTA SA

Age: 22

Country: Portugal

Ingame Nick: [FOTL]Emanuel

Hi, my name is Emanuel Sousa and I'm from Lisbon, Portugal. I'm 22 years old and I'm studying "Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication", in other words...Image Editing, Website Design, Internet Programming languages, Video Editing etc. Now...what do I like? Well Computers of course, Football (Yes Football the real one - Cristiano Ronaldo :DD), going out at night with my friends and most of all my dear Wife <3.

I started to play MTA since its very beginning on MTA Race...5 years or so have passed and I still enjoy the game as much as I did in the first day (probably even more). During these years I played in about 3 servers with 2 different game mods: Race, RFH/DD/DM. I used to be a frequent player on LittleWhitey's and most recently on the DDC servers.

Shortly after the New MTA SA came out I checked the servers list and found 1 well populated "Race" server - "Mr.Green".

At that time I was still a lot into DM and etc but went to a race server to play a bit...well since that day I'm a Race Maniac once again. I still remember my first race on MrGreen's - "City Jumper".

Regarding my in-game personality, well, I guess I can say that I'm nice guy, I'm active in the shoutbox, usually say "Hello", "bb" etc...and, as far as I know, nobody has a problem with me, and neither do I.

I'm applying for Admin because I believe I have what it takes to be one. I'm active in the game, know the server rules, I'm aware of the ways there are to cheat( for example: There's the ordinary speedhacking that everybody can notice easily, there's airbreaking and then there are the smart cheaters that slightly raise their speed hoping the other players can't spot it...), I use the IRC channels and am active there aswell (even when I'm not playing, IRC is on and I check it regularly during the day). If I become an admin I will try to be as fair and honest as I can when it comes to hard decisions. I speak 3 different languages: English/Portuguese/Spanish and I also understand a bit of both Italian and French.

I think the MTA server needs more admins for the morning/late night period and I'm active at that time of the day.

I have been an Admin at the DDC servers (my clan is from there) and I'm familiar with the main basic rules of "taking care of a server". (I'm also aware that I must leave my clan if manage to be accepted and have no problem with that).

My ingame Ping is about 45-90(day/night), my internet connection is a 100MB optic fiber line and i usually run 35fps the whole time.

I have some knowledge about "Map creation" and basic MTA errors so I can also give some support if needed/requested.

Well I belive that's all I can say about me for now, if you want to know something else just let me know and will try to answer.

Emanuel Sousa

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