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Crap Editor Hates Me

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So I was making a map, saving it after every move I make of course. After a while I closed MTA: SA to do a barrel roll. Because I don't trust Map Editor, I decided to copy the .map file from the Map, and paste it somewhere else. Just to see what would happen, I decided to start up MTA and load the map again. And indeed, it only loads the first few objects. Pfew, I did right by saving the map somewhere else.

So then I replaced the map that was in my MTA file, with the one I saved earlier. And I load it and it still only loads a few objects. This is madness! How am I supposed to load the map file again? I still have it, but Map Editor apparentally finds it too much.

It's understandable since the map takes place on a piece of 102 roads in a row (Rollercoaster). At first it was even more but Map Editor didn't save that as well so I had to do it on just this piece of road. Great. How do I load the full map file now? It's kind of bullshit that it's too much objects too handle though.

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You can try the following:

Download this: http://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.0.4-rc-2036-20101021.exe

Install it.


Download this: http://mtasa-resources.googlecode.com/files/mtasa-resources-r643.zip

replace all resources in MTA folder/server/mods/deathmatch/resources/ with the ones in the archive. I think you need to delete everything in your folder before copying the ones in the archive. Btw, before you do this, save your map somewhere else :D Then put it back in the resources folder and try to see if it works :S

If this won't fix it either, then try MTA 1.0.3(install it SOMEWHERE ELSE) http://www.4shared.com/file/192773315/9de98680/MTASA-103.html

Either the latest MTA (first solution) or the old MTA (second solution) should do the work.. or at least these were my only ideas.

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