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Recently, I have been banned of hacking on zombie survival. This was a misunderstanding. See, my big brother ( MonsterEnergy) (MaD Zack) Is a bit of a noob hacker. He gets on my pc because his pc is is pretty much a pile of bolts. He forgot to log off my steam user i guess, and claims he got on KillaZS. But what he didnt know is that garry recently had gmod VAC sucured. I came in RIGHT when he got on KillaZS, one of my friends sent a message saying "Rockstar, you there?" and I was VERY angry. First of all, the hack he was using, BaconBot, was just making him spining around in circles, and he quickly logged off gmod. Once again, I am very sorry for what my brother did. I hope you understand.


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We can't undo VAC bans.

No, for some reason,Im not actually VAC banned, but banned from all servers on gmod. Mr.Green ZS is the only oneI ever play, so I just needed to be unbanned for it. Deluvas can explain, Ywa.

But You're VAC banned from Gmod servers and when you're vac banned you cant get unbanned from VAC. the only solution is to get another account with gmod :)

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