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Only bug that can get you banned in the server is to go through lots of speedboosters that are set to multiply the speed at a huge enough value. This would trigger the "Cheating - Warping" reason for ban, but in most (if not all) maps this is not the case..

Other than that, there's no known bug

LE: Oh, and similar to the speedboosters thing are the orange balls that give you insane speed when you hit them but I've never seen someone get banned for that

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Mr.Darkness. Get out. Don't act like you know better about a game you don't play.

Actually, I do play MTA when i do have some free time these days. (I also won 1st place on one of the maps with 150 checkpoints (my first time :D)).

...wait, i didnt say that i know about the game more than any other.

Back to the topic.

...welll, lets just hope that there wont be any more maps like that :P

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