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Hello again, guys.

What am I going to show you is gr_skylands map that I decided to do for GunRun gamemode (even if its devolping for now)

I thought that the server has only 1 skyland map so decided to do an another one.

I wanted to name this map differently first. I wanted to call it gm_aircliffs, but thought it would be better to call it how its now.

The map is under devolpment. I made only first steps.

The map runs on ep2 engine, so I will try doing my best with pakrating.

For now the map contains:

- A few flying islands

- 4 soundscapes, that are heard on each island

- cubemaps (obviously, will remove some, too bright)

- some easter eggs

- cloud effects

Need to be added&fixed:

- 3d skybox

- more islands

- some more easter eggs :V

- need to fix the water with trigger over it

- need to fix the water height on botton so you cant see the sand

Here are pics and their comments.

1st pic: The view from top

2nd pic: Same as above

3rd pic: the sand bug :S

4th pic: top cliff's small basin

5th pic: the bottom room on the top cliff

6th pic: path to easter egg >:D

7th pic: same as the first two

8th pic: view from bottom (damn I love it)

9th pic: Clouds

10th pic: basin.

EDIT: Yeah, I know, the light is ugly.











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