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Im pretty sure that some of you have already tried out that mod, although it is 4 years old and population there is dying out i still find it exciting. Combining FPS and RTS genres, making specific weapons for each faction and perfectly balancing them, combining different abilities for different classes making each player-unit a unique one, customizing vehicles, commander turret spam (lol pretty epic), and other spectacular activities make this game, well... perhaps the best HL2 mod that i ever played (assuming Gmod is not best cause i payed for it), especially at that time when the mod is getting constantly updated, bringing us the aircraft units soon...

You should check out the community group:


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Just a few tips: As i told b4 that population there is dying out (beacause steamworks cannot apply or just dont want to so you need to install that mod manualy) so i recommend you to play in the evening when the servers gets crowded to feel the real atmosphere of the game. You can download the client from their website.

And btw the have unnerfed scout's sniper ability (for people that have already played it)

I found a wiki if you need to come along


Its a bit out of date but still useful

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Btw, Empires used to be award-winning Mod twice, there are open slots for upcoming dev's

Feel free to try out yourself as a mod developer (coders, modelers etc.) It does not require from you to be a high-quialifed dev. So if youre interested in aiding this mod, i can contact wih main devs for further instructions

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