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What would you like in a Zombie Survival map?

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Give me your opinion about this.

To me,

Theme: Barricade and Survive (Extreme Survival)


-Big area

-Country side(?)

-Lots of items to barricade such as tables, counters, etc.

-Limited health kits, the idea is to survive.

-Secret passage ways. I do mean secret.

-Hidden zombie spawn area so that humans can't spawn kill.

-Varied small places all over the map (e.g small huts)

-Random items spread all over the place according to theme (tires, etc)


-It's a 'team' survival, in other words, get a partner and survive.

-Zombies can Prop kill.


-Stubborn players may not leave, leaving the place over crowded.

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- A map that will have a secret, but a secret that has to only 1 hard way to open it;

- A mountain of small props;

- Some explosive barrels;

- Health charger;

- Granade crate box (if you know how to do it);

- Sounds;

- Rain;

- Good textures.

Thats all.

"-Country side(?)" // I think we all hate zs_farmhouse, right? Argh, i hate countryside :/...

I agree with every other thing in the list.

PS: Shityhouse house has plenty of tires =) [i was thinking about Bean's propkilling when i placed those tires =)].

In my map (if it will be on green server) Bean will be very happy of seing many small props. But he will be angry on the trees, that are to annoing with it blocking :P


All that is mine version

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