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My first map - Needs tester


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Hey guys

I made my first map today, its a easy rollercoaster, i think you guys are going to like it ...

But, i have a problem :x

How can i make it start with GM on, and then, after 3 or 4 CP turn it off?

I asked CSena in the server and he was very kind, he sended me a link, but, i didn't understand anything that i saw -.-

there is the map, if you wanna test it, i'm open to suggestions :)

Map here :)

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Lol you don't need to worry about the "CP5" feature we got at the server, that is a server-side script which means all uploaded maps receive that definition.

If you want your map to be fully GM set it to be GM in the settings;

If you want your map to be completely normal with GM turning off at cp5 just leave "no gm" and the server will do the rest.

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