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My temporary leave from MTA...

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I'll be heading out from Texas to Vegas (well, Phoenix first, and then Las Vegas on Monday) for the 2011 CES. Maybe some of you have heard of it, but anywho...

I won't have much time to play MTA all next week (maybe a few spurts of 5 minutes or so, since I'm bringing my primary laptop that I play the game on). Not that anyone is going to miss me :rolleyes:, but I just wanted to throw this out there.

I'll post pics upon request.

Oh, and check out my sites. I'll be posting stuff from CES all the time:http://gumballtech.com http://twitter.com/besweeet http://youtube.com/gumballtech http://twiiphone.com

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I can't WAIT to get home. CES has been the WORST experience of my life (by far). It's made me lose SOOO much interest in technology. I'll probably shut down my website and YouTube channel (or at least try and sell it).

In an unrelated note, I have 1905GC :(. Was at 9000 at one point. Damn map voting :(.

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