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Benox.exe old maps


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I'm the only guy who have these maps I made, they take the dust. So I took the decision to give them to this server only.

They are old, I convert them to MTA 1.x I add spawn points now they have 40 spawn points and I add some script like music and a little voice pack dont forget its an resource to include.

First of all lets answer a question. Nope they doesn't have custom objects.

So lets begin :

Speed city series

1) Speed city 1

In this map you drive fast and you have to keep the control of your vehicle, some ways are more faster than others. Of course you need to know the trick with gta sa motorcycles.

you drive a bf 400 and a nrg 500

Its medium

scrip :


pictures :



2) Speed city 2

I think the server have already a part of this map , this is the complete map that add my part in the feat map.

Same thing like the first.

Its easy

you drive a custom nrg500

script :


custom nrg500

pictures :



3) Speed city 4

Where is the 3 :'( I dont know. This one have loops and a long drag helix part.

you drive an infernus and an nrg500

its hard ... yes its hard xd

script :


pictures :



6 other will come I go sleep ...




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Down Ryder series

Daft Punk music

They use the voice pack what it does = fun

1) Down Ryder 1

they are all hard, the trick = stay in the middle, but not for all the race of course, because you need to avoid obstacles and this map will bring you the FEAR of the speed. You have the choice :

you drive an infernus, but you can drive an sanchez, with the sanchez the map is more easy, but you cant get in the top times of the infernus drivers. Also theres only 1 checkpoint, the reason is because this map contain 2 identical tracks. The objects theme is las Vegas and other city stuff.

its hard

script :


pictures :



2) Down Ryder 2

Same thing but theres 4 identical roads and this is my biggest .map file , the .map is 1.2 MB. The objects theme is random.

its hard

scripts :

music , sky color and water color

pictures :



3) Down Ryder 3

Same thing like the 2, but this one have jumps and the 4 tracks are close to each others. The objects theme is farmer.

its hard

scripts :

sky color , water color and music

pictures :




Ho Yea ! You will go fast mwou ha ha ha !


in game picture of Down Ryder 2




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Roller Coaster series

Simple roller coaster map idea.

Track Mania Nation Music

You drive an infernus in all

they are all difficulty : Medium

include resource voice (my little voice pack)

1) Roller coaster 1

pictures :



2) Roller coaster 2

pictures :



I need help to fix a script in the roller coaster 3 map , so I cant upload it now !



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