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HELP, something wrong when server changes map...

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When the round ends @ mr.green server (zs), and the countdown is at zero and the server is changing the map.. I lose connection and disconnect. After that the server is gone for a few minutes... and sometimes if I rejoin, it says something with valdidation rejected. And ooh.. disconnecting from the server < happens everytime only in this server...

plzzzz help me?

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I have been having some server problems recently aswell. When server is about to load new map i lose connection but only for 10-15 seconds so not much of a problem however i frequently get the same problem in game. I can open all the game menus and thing but i cant move or anything and often end up dying.

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Yea but Damien, it is fixed, after 20 sec witt connection lost it does changes the map.. I did that 2, never took the time to wait :D just wait when you lose connection :D

EDIT: Nope it still crashes nvm.... just disconnect and wait till server is visible again... hope they will fix this prob.

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