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Can't play on the server :(

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Help, at calling on server MTA, I manage to play on the average 2-3 minutes, then disconnect from the server, and gives out such message "Disconnet: The connection from the server was lost". Again I come on the server to appear message "timeout connection". Minutes through 2 comes, I play 3 minutes and again disconnect, today so all the day. On any other servers all is excellent, never disconnect. In what there can be a problem?

PS: I very much like your server and I very much want to play it normally


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I have some connection problem too. When I start downloading maps (especially big one) my ping goes up and the server kicks me. It is always happening only on this server.

Few days ago I played Beer for speed map. We played it 4 or 5 times in a row. I already have the custom model, but the server kicked me.

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ESPAÑOL -> por qué cambiaron el limite de ping de 500 a 300?

mi ping normal es entre 200 - 250 porque soy de ecuador, pero me patea del server a cada rato cada que rebaso los 300 y no puedo estar ni 2 minutos tranquilo sin que me patee del server -.-

alguien podria darme una ayuda o algo asi??? gracias :D

ENGLISH -> why ping limit changed from 500 to 300?

My normal ping is between 200 to 250 because I'm from Ecuador, but the server kicks me all the time every time exceeded 300 and I can not be quiet or 2 minutes without getting kicked from the server -.-

could someone give me a help or something?? thanks: D

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Maybe i will help you

look man, just restart your router, becuase some IP's when ur router pick one, sometime it pick uknown IP and gives u connections problems, if u connect to a server u only can stay 5 mins then it disconnect, just restart your router to change your IP address then try to connect.

this problem came to me, and i solved it by restarting my router.

Good luck.

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