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The King's Offer (Admin Application)


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Gameserver: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

Age: 17 (for 3 more months)

Country of origin: Estonia

In-Game Nick: Ruff

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Well I've played here since August, 2010. Since that month, it has been nothing but fun. Of course there are ups and downs in pretty much everything but this server is close to perfect. It is almost always full, most of the time 1-2 admins online and so on.

Enough about my thoughts, let's get to me. So I'm a 17-year-old guy from Estonia who likes playing videos games (a lot). Even though English is not my primary language, I think I am quite good at grammar. This allows me to socialize well with players. As a person I am friendly, even if a bunch of stupid drivers box me in, I rarely rage. I get along with 95% of the players. The only person that I argue and who I mock is BinSlayer but that's sort of how we communicate. So it's a special situation, I don't act like that with other players. If necessary, I will stop talking to him, only in a mature way.

The only problem I see on the server (also why I'm posting) is that it needs more admins. Most of the time there is someone online but those other times there's nobody to control the situation. Therefore I'd like to expand the administrative group.

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It would be an honor for our community to have such a valuable and intelligent person like King Ruff protecting us from evil demons. :mr-green:

I have sad news. Moloch (my in-game nick) is the name of a demon.

Moloch : Demon worshipped by the Israelites through child sacrifice

I might be a helpful demon though.. who knows.

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OMG liar

You mock me? :o lies lies, it's the OTHER WAY AROUND.. :(

I usually make fun of you and then you come up with an invalid argument and then I throw it back in your face and then I win the argument :(

Anyway, I wish you good luck :)

PS: If you choose not to chat about porn/hot bitches/tits or whatever in the future, no worries, there's always Ywa :P

Did I mention you suck ? :-P

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I usually make fun of you and then you come up with an invalid argument and then I throw it back in your face and then I win the argument :(

You usually make fun of me and then I come up with a valid argument and then you switch everything around and make it look invalid and think you win the argument :(

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By the way.. I forgot to mention that I have been playing around with Adobe Photoshop for about 6 years now so I could be of design/graphic assistance if necessary.

And I should add that I'm quite active on the server which means I play there a lot more than I should.

Hope this thread hasn't died yet. I'll keep waiting for response.

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