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This is frustrating.

I have placed a series of checkpoints. Okay. But in test mode, the fucks disappear randomly. I have this piece where there are checkpoints on top of eachother, but they are circles, so that shouldn't be a problem. RIGHT?

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Although above suggestions might help, this is how I fix mine.

What I usually have is that the map editor names all my checkpoints the same.

For example if I have a map with 23 checkpoints, it randomly works up to checkpoint 7 (for example) and then every checkpoint placed after that one will be named the same (for example checkpoint (7)). This means that the map editor will work up to CP (checkpoint) 7 but it can't be directed to checkpoint (8) because no such checkpoint exists.

To fix this, you have to go to your map's folder (default C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\deathmatch\resources\MAPNAME), open up the .map file with notepad/wordpad. You should see that the checkpoints have the same name. Now just start fixing them by editing the numbers in a row (make sure you look carefully and don't skip any checkpoints). If you scroll a bit to the right, you should also see that after some other information, it is written where the checkpoint will be directed to (this allows you to rearrange the whole order). If everything is done correctly, the map should now be organized again.

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