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Please ban this guy


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Thats Shadow isnt it? And is this mogadon?

I think it would be totally unfair to ban him since everyone does that exploit...

Sorry but this logic totally fails.


I think it would be totally unfair to ban him since everyone uses an aimbot...

The rules are crystal clear, don't exploit. I've to seen him exploiting on almost every map to get an advantage over the Zombies. I will try to get some proof later, I don't want to accuse someone of something I cannot prove.

And to the top of your post I don't think that is mogadon.

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Ah, yes. I remember this guy, slayed him a few times for glitching... Just warn him if you ever see him again. Tell him: "Your next glitch is going to be a ban!"

Just ban him.

He did it more times, warning doesn't help it seems.

This. He's always doing it, I won't mind if a new player does it once or twice because he didn't knew it was glitching but that guy got even told by lots of people to stop glitching and I wasted around 15 minutes with just telling him to stop it, he either answers "who cares" or keeps spamming "oh shi".

Next time I see him I will get a screenshot/video of it.

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@shadows: everybody used to do that...

Just because everyone in America murders each other doesnt make murder acceptable

Thats not true. Dont be a racist.

Thats why America has one of the highest deaths per x amount of people in the "Rich" world.

But people who glitch should be banned.

No. maybe a few Exceptions.

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